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Modified Citrus Pectin 150gr -1pk


Modified citrus pectin is a more digestible form of pectin, which is obtained from the peels and pulp of citrus fruits which have been pH modified to make the molecule smaller. Grasses of Life Modified Citrus Pectin is Premium German Manufactured Quality.


Ingredients: German Modified Citrus Pectin

Directions: Add 1 tsp of powder adding into a dry glass adding water slowly. Consume 1 hour away from food and medication.

Modified Citrus Pectin

Non-GMO 100% Pure Modified Citrus Pectin Powder 

A natural source of dietary fibre. The pectin from citrus is processed to make the Modified Citrus Pectin molecules smaller so it’s more easily absorbed into the body.

That means your body can benefit from more than just pectin’s fibrous properties.

Is Modified Citrus Pectin Genetically Modified?

Modified Citrus Pectin is GMO Free and is made by pH modifying the citrus molecule .

What is Modified Citrus Pectin?

Modified Citrus Pectin is made from the pith of citrus (which is a sticky fibrous powder). It acts as a binder.

  • Serving Size: 5gr (1 heaped tsp)
  • Servings per container 30



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